Biosensor Engineering

Biosensor Engineering

Carrera Bioscience Scientists and Engineers synergize expertise in optics, electronics, mechanical engineering and biotechnology to develop novel biosensors for field use. Assays for detection of pathogens, nucleic acids or proteins are validated, miniaturized and automated for custom-designed biochips and instruments for environmental biosensor and Point-of-Care diagnostics.

Assay Development

Assay Development and High-Throughput Screening

The Carrera team has deep experience in developing and validating binding, enzymatic and cell based assays in 96 and 384-well plate formats. Custom genetic and small molecules screens focus on enzyme optimization, diagnostics (Luminex platform), compound discovery, aptamer and PNA development.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Carrera Bioscience Scientists and Process Engineers develop industrial enzymes, whole cell sensors and reporter systems by optimizing E. coli, S. cerevisiae, P. pastoris and A. niger to produce bioactive molecules.

Molecular Biology

Vaccine Development

Carrera Bioscience Team has a versatile expression and purification system for development of novel vaccines. The virus-like particle (VLP) platform is established to present multivalent pathogen epitopes to induce immunogenic responses in vivo.


About Us

Who We Are

The Carrera Bioscience team applies cutting edge science and commercialization expertise to develop lasting solutions to challenges facing humanity today. Carrera Bioscience, with research facilities in Ithaca, New York, leverages strong ties with Cornell University.

What We Do

Our customers experience top research, design, development, and application of biologically derived systems in the field of diagnostics, medical research, environmental sensors, and the discovery and commercialization of bioactive compounds and macromolecules.

Carrera Bioscience applies innovative solutions to novel assay development, process optimization, miniaturization, automating and delivering Point-of-Care solutions.


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